I'm Eric Adrian Jackson

Having a Two decade career in
Science Training & Advocacy

About Me

Eric Adrian

Eric has worked for the public school system in Massachusetts, the Massachusetts community college system, the National Science Foundation (via a grant through Boston University) and the Museum of Science, Boston. Before that he was a corporate trainer, a database manager, a retail store manager, a bowling alley mechanic and tour guide in a millionaires flower garden. Eric holds a masters degree in biology from Saint Joseph’s University in Hartford, MA and holds his bachelors in neuroscience from Drew University in Madison, NJ.

Eric Adrian Jackson

A Two decade career in
Science Training & Advocacy

Married since before the turn of the century to his best friend, Eric and his wife enjoy attending fan conventions in cosplay, Frank Turner concerts, and watching Disney movies as well as reading, writing and telling stories Many of these stories are in the form of table-top roleplaying games, which Eric participates in both for fun and professionally as a member of Dark Phoenix Events. Additionally he is a published author in the field of role playing games and fantasy genre fiction.


Active in his local community, Eric previously held the position of Library Trustee for 9 years through which he has supported equal access and freedom of speech issues. More importantly, he has hosted the Young Adult Tabletop Roleplaying group at that same library for 15 years where he has helped inspire the next generation of gamers.

“Kindness allows for understanding the needs of the stakeholders.”

Eric Adrian Jackson